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Friday, January 13, 2012

Healthy Home Made Dog Food

Very few people don’t own pets for some reason or another. Families with pets especially dogs, beside owning a wonderful loving animal, they also feel the warmth of love and devotion given by those wonderful animals.
Families with dogs, are always anxious about their dogs health. There are breads that face no or very little health problems, on the other hand there are other breads who suffer from allergy and other health issues, that is why dog owners care about giving the best healthy food to their dogs whether it’s a home made food , dry or canned food.

Healthy food is being the most important factor, for your dog to have a healthy and lively partnership with their owners. Some tend to believe that giving their dogs canned or dry food is better for them and their health. This could be true as these foods may contain supplements which are essential to the dogs’s health. This doesn’t deny the fact that home made food is very important and beneficial for dogs.

Before starting to give your dog home made food make sure it has variety, not give your dog the same food every day for a long time, because it can cause your dog to develop an allergy. You can feed your dog food like liver, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables.I read a book about home made food recipes for your dog offering more than 50 safe recipes and treats according to your dog type and size, the book name is The Healthy Dog Cookbook and another book Healthy Dog Food by John Miller sharing his 50 years of experience with dogs, giving you easy and inexpensive recipes to make. 

When making home made food for your dog make sure it includes calcium either by giving your dog edible bones or adding specific amounts of calcium supplements to the food. Different kinds of home made diets can be provided which could include raw and cooked diets. Raw whole meaty bones or ground raw bones are extremely beneficial to your dog.

Each dog is an individual so it’s hard sometimes to exactly know and provide all the nutritional facts that are the right one. Sometimes, dogs with health problems which need special care , a home made diet may help to improve these problems. Dogs suffering from seizure, IBD, and other digestive disorders, also skin infections as well as chronic ear infections, also arthiritis  can benefit from home made food which can reduce these illnesses, and sometimes disappear.

Canned and preserved food can cause such disorders, sometimes caused by poor ingredients, hormones and other chemicals. This could increase allergy in dogs. Also it is unadvisable to give dogs huge quantity of carbohydrates. It is found greatly in dry food. Home made food with low starch and little or no grains can enhance the dog’s health and immunity system. But if you don’t have the time to make food for your dog or you are afraid your dog isn’t getting all the supplements it should get in it’s diet then good commercial diets are better and healthier to provide your dog than a poorly home made one.

A well Balanced diet of home made food, with some or little canned and dry food will never harm your dog. That way you would be sure your dog is getting all the healthy supplements it needs in their daily diet.